movie 'Sinking into the Moon' (250+ screencaps)
movie 'Distance Love' (~170 screencaps)

'All Japan Request Awards', 21-Nov-1998
'Japan Cable Awards', 4-Dec-1998
'Japan Cable Awards', 3-Dec-1999
'Japan Gold Disc Award', 15-Mar-2000
'Best Jeanist' Award, 28-Sep-2000
'Japan Record Awards', 31-Dec-2000
'Japan Gold Disc Award', 14-Mar-2001, part 1
'Japan Gold Disc Award', 14-Mar-2001, part 2
'Barbie Awards', 21-Mar-2001
'Japan Cable Awards', 14-Dec-2001, part 1
'Japan Cable Awards', 14-Dec-2001, part 2
'130 million people choose best artist', 19-Dec-2001
'Japan Record Awards', 31-Dec-2001
'Japan Gold Disc Award', 13-Mar-2002
'MTV Japan Awards', 25-May-2002
'ABU Award Asia Dream Live', 7-Nov-2002
'Nail Queen' Award, 25-Nov-2002
'All Japan Request Award', 30-Nov-2002, part 1
'All Japan Request Award', 30-Nov-2002, part 2
'Japan Cable Awards', 13-Dec-2002, part 1
'Japan Cable Awards', 13-Dec-2002, part 2
'130 million people choose best artist', 18-Dec-2002
'Japan Record Awards', 31-Dec-2002, part 1
'Japan Record Awards', 31-Dec-2002, part 2
Best Hit Song Festival, 28 November 2003
130 million people choose best artist, 17 December 2003
'Japan Record Awards', 31-Dec-2003
Japan Gold Disc Award, 10 March 2004
'MTV Japan Awards', 23-May-2004
'130 million people choose best artist', 29-Nov-2006

'Initial D'
'Earth Girl Arjuna'
'Molly Star Racer'
'Angelic Layer'
'Inu Yasha'
'Final Fantasy IX'

Japan Foreign Ministry video, Aug-2001
'SEASONS' -TV drama end credits
'forgiveness' -TV drama end credits
'A Museum' concert - digest
Singles discography
wax figure in Hong Kong museum
Team Ayu 2003 pamphlet DVD
'SHINOBI' movie premiere, 7-Sep-2005
'Mr & Mrs Smith' premiere, 25-Nov-2005
MY STORY DVD audio/video
CNN, 8 December 2006
MTV Buzz Asia, 12 March 2007
interview with Yan Song, 24 March 2007
2008 Message
2008 Message
Wacoal photo shoot, Jul-2008
Wacoal photo shoot, Jul-2008
Arrival in Shanghai, 13-Oct-2008
Wacoal press conference, 13-Oct-2008
video diary, 14-Apr-2010

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