A complete discography
On the following pages you will find the information about every song issued by Ayumi Hamasaki. It is hoped that this guide will be useful for both fans and for those who have an audio or video file of a song and would like to find out from what single, album or DVD it came from. Any corrections and additions will be very much appreciated.
The information below was accurate and complete at the time when I've stopped updating the site in early 2010.
The complete discography is also available -->
Bold font - Ayumi Hamasaki has not only written the lyrics, but also participated in composing the music for this song.
As a rule, when a remixed version of a song is a part of a 'mega mix' or the song was issued on a compilation CD/DVD (with songs by other artists), it is not included.
Please note that this site is now "12 years of Ayu: April 1998 to April 2010" and is no longer updated - see the explanation on the front page.
Please note that the main purpose of the site is to show Mid-West of Western Australia (and other places) to the world, Ayumi Hamasaki section is just the latest addition. Please have a look on sample photo album below (there are about 2,200 Australia photos on the site) and maybe you will decide to visit us here, down under...
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A complete discography

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