Screen captures from 1,974 Ayumi videos (video clips, live performances, and other videos) are presented in this part (note - NO downloads on this site).

The guide to buying Ayumi CDs online is posted here and the guide on how to avoid illegal bootlegs here. Please note that the interpretation of a song is not a translation, it merely describes what the song is about and is a combined 'meaning' of translations posted by my friends on different forums in the last four years.
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Please note that this site is now "12 years of Ayu: April 1998 to April 2010" and is no longer updated - see the explanation on the front page.
In the "last pass" of these pages in July-August 2013 I've decided to keep the low quality videos - my favourite music video clips and live performances. Also provided is the intro for the DOME TOUR 2001 - the message in it answers the question about the existence of this part of the web site for so long.
Rule - video clip
until that Day... - Asia Tour 2007
Secret - Asia Tour 2007
4:25 min, 10.7 Mb
5:51 min, 16.5 Mb
4:39 min, 13.1 Mb
3:34 min, 9.9 Mb (in English, with Japanese & Chinese subtitles)
DOME TOUR 2001 intro
5:27 min, 14.3 Mb
6:16 min, 16.5 Mb (includes an interview)
4:22 min, 11.5 Mb
6:09 min, 16.2 Mb
6:32 min, 17.1 Mb
4:40 min, 8.7 Mb
5:14 min, 9.8 Mb
A Song for XX
3:49 min, 7.3 Mb
5:46 min, 11.1 Mb
6:16 min, 11.8 Mb
5:37 min, 10.8 Mb
6:50 min, 12.5 Mb
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