Ellendale Pool is a natural freshwater pool formed by Greenough river and fed by underground springs. Just a short drive east from Walkaway (approximately 20 km south of Geraldton), it's a nice picnic spot easily accessible by a conventional vehicle. To get there you have to follow Nangetty Road from Walkaway for approximately 15 km until you hit Ellendale Road to Rocky Peak (right after you'll pass the Wind Farm).
In summer you can cross the creek flowing from the Pool (just north of it) and climb the Rocky Peak. Be careful and do not go near the edge. The photos in this album were taken in September 2005 (six years after those in the previous album). The only difference is that for some reason about half of camping spots are currently not accessible. As you can see from the last three photos, a 'side track' has been closed, some camping spots and access tracks 'ploughed', which resulted in a significant congregation of people in one area. For those liking company this is probably not too bad but one can forget about swimming to the other side in solitude, I think... Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Rocky Peak
Ellendale Pool
Ellendale Pool
Ellendale Pool
Ellendale Pool
falcon near the nest
Ellendale Pool
Ellendale Pool - disused track
disused rest area
the only camping spot...
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