Kalbarri National Park is one of the most popular destinations. 93 km north of Geraldton there is a turn to Adjana road, which leads to the park and town of Kalbarri. You can also turn west at Northampton and follow the new road to Port Gregory and to the park.
Actually, there are two parts of the park - coastal and Murchison River gorges (please see other albums). Both are worth seeing. If you wish to see coastal gorges first - take the new road. More information can be obtained from Kalbarri Visitors Centre, phone +61-8-9937-1104. The town of Kalbarri is set on the Murchison River estuary. Approximately 4 km south cairn marks site of first permanent landing of Europeans in Australia in 1629 (the first photo of this album). More information about mutiny on Batavia please see Grey Company - The Batavia Story. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Cairn marking first landing in 1629
Kalbarri coastal gorges - Red Bluff
Kalbarri coastal gorges - Red Bluff
Kalbarri coastal gorges
Kalbarri coastal gorges - Rainbow Valley
Fossilised seaworm burrows
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