8 May 1999
32 screencaps (270 kb)
This concert took place on 8 May 1999 at 'Akasaka Blitz'. It appears that there is no video file of this concert (I was unable to find it in three years...). The only video available (thanks to Rody) is a 30-second clip with small parts of 'TO BE' and 'Hana'. The information and screencaps were published on Ayumi Hamasaki Official Site, HERE.
The concert consisted of:
PART 1: Prologue --- Depend on you --- poker face --- Hana --- YOU --- POWDER SNOW
PART 2: Remix dance section: FRIEND II (MAKE MY MAD MIX) --- SIGNAL (Y & Co. TASTE) --- Hana (D-Z DEADLY ROSE APPROACH mix)
PART 3: For My Dear... --- Trust --- WHATEVER --- SIGNAL --- A Song for XX
PART 4: ENCORE: TO BE --- Present

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