This is a collection of screen captures from Ayumi Hamasaki 'other' videos. The page is split into eleven different parts that can be accessed using the links below.
Please note that if any videos are missing from this part of the collection (particularly - appearances on different TV programs) - they are not listed, as for the 'Live performances' section. There are too many of these and I have no intention of ever collecting all of them...
The guide to buying Ayumi CDs online is posted here and the guide describing how to avoid illegal bootlegs here. Please follow links on the bottom of the page to other places at and use the feedback form for inquiries.
Screen captures from videos made before Ayumi became famous - all appearances on the 'Idol on Stage' TV programs and 1995 promotional video
Screen captures from regular appearances on the 'Hey! Hey! Hey!' TV programs
Screen captures from regular appearances on the 'Music Station' TV programs
Screen captures from regular appearances on other TV programs ('CDTV', 'PopJam', 'AX Music Factory' and 'Sokuhou uta no daijiten')
Screen captures from occassional appearances on other TV programs ('HitMMM', 'UTABAN', 'Channel a', 'Music Museum', 'Music Fair 21','SMAPxSMAP', 'Digital Dream Live', 'Musix', 'FNS Music Festival', and others); also - visit to the Ohshimizu school.
Screen captures from other videos - short movies 'Sinking into the Moon' and 'Distance Love', TV clips from award ceremonies, anime featuring Ayumi music and other products, Japan's Foreign Ministry promotional video and CNN 2006 interview
Screen captures from Ayupan cartoons
Screen captures from videos of Ayumi performing 'other' songs; and reviews of albums
Screen captures from videos accompanying releases of video clips and concerts ('Behind the scenes' and 'Making of' videos)
Screen captures from all 'AYUREADY?' TV programs
Screen captures from numerous TV commercials

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