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Ayupan e-mail program has been released in December 2003. The download is available here, but:
1. The program is NOT free. It will cost you around US$35 to get the unlock code, and
2. It is in Japanese, of course, but could be converted to English (see point 4 below).
3. In February 2004 free trial of the program has become available. An advice - do not install it unless you fully understand the dialog boxes. Basically, the trial version is fully functional, only you will not have much of stationary, animations, effects etc. One nice thing is that, when the new message arrives, it is announced by a 'pop-up' ayupan. If you want to try it - go ahead... but create a 'restore point' beforehand - so you can reverse to previous settings if needed. Be very careful - otherwise the program will take over your current e-mail settings and uninstalling it may result in loosing all your messages and addresses...
4. Update in October 2004: Thanks to Antipika, who provided additional information on setting the e-mail program to English: The dialog boxes are n
ot too hard to understand in Japanese - we have the (Y) and (N) in order to know if the pressed button is "yes/next" or "cancel". After the installation just go on Incredimail wow settings and choose "English". Please note that I do not have Incredimail installed, so cannot comment...
Some screen captures are presented below:

A small addition No.1: If you are interested in how a huge collection looks like - these are from Yahoo auctions in Japan.
A small addition No.2: All ayupan are the same size (except several) - the picture of another collection shows it:

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