Another double video CD that is sold on e-bay from the USA. It was called 'Ballads' and is almost as bad as the previous one... Morons...
Bootleg cover and track list
No photo of the track list is available. This double VCD contains, among others, three songs with names in Japanese characters and also such masterpieces as Show Dance, Ahaha and Mary Clle...
What the...?
This double video CD is the worst one so far. Not only it contains pirated Ayumi videoclips but (surprise, surprise...) videos from "other very popular Japanese singers (including Kyoko Fukada, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, etc.)". Just plain stupid... This is sold on e-bay from the USA.
Bootleg cover
More detailed information about this bootleg is available thanks to Johanna. This is sold on Yahoo auctions in Japan and contains a significant number of grammatical mistakes again... One can also see from the track list that at least ten video clips have nothing to do with Ayu...
Bootleg cover and track list

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