There are no originals for next several things, so the top part of the table (original covers and track lists) is not needed... Let's have a look on the 4 CD set (sold on e-bay from Taiwan and Hong Kong):

Could be several covers:
Could be only one cover:
The whole set
The track list is the same. First CD is the illegal copy of Ayumi first (1995) CD, remaining three - remixes of 'kanariya', 'Boys & Girls', 'appears', 'Trauma', 'too late', 'WHATEVER', and 'Fly high' - collected from different singles. One of the versions of CD back cover (on the right) clearly shows that this product is a bootleg - as it contains small images of other (official) releases...
Additional information about this product is available thanks to kinix. It appears that in the past the record labels in Taiwan could simply release any Japanese record. However, copyright is now regulated and if another CD is produced - it is a bootleg... This information was confirmed by Rody: This was actualy a legitimate product a long time ago. Some Taiwan and other Asian companies wanted to re-release Ayu's old songs, - so they did through these kind of albums. But they didn't have the rights so they were sued... and now it's illegal.
Another version of this bootleg appears to be close to 'home-made', - have a look on the quality of the front cover... Sold on e-bay from Taiwan and on Yahoo auctions - Japan. A note - these may actually be genuine products (as it is possible that copyright is not owned by Avex Trax).

One more version of this bootleg is sold on Yahoo auctions in Japan (the info is available about the third CD in the series):
An important note:
The first ever CD that has 'Ayumi' printed on it was the single called "Nothing From Nothing", issued in September 1995 (details provided here). It is now extremely rare and the cheapest one I've seen was about 15,000 yen (more than a hundred US$)... The price for the 1995 album "Nothing from Nothing" (December 1995) has skyrocketed in 2004 and now it costs about US$500 at Internet auctions (if you will find it at all...) If you really want it (and have heaps of money, of course), you can check Yahoo Auctions Japan, but (a) the single is likely to go UP in price, not DOWN, and (b) majority of people will not "ship outside the country of origin"... Anyway, the single looks like that:
If you see this item on sale anywhere for less than US$100 - you are either very lucky, or someone started making illegal copies of it as well...

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