Devonport is the Tasmanian berth for the "Spirit of Tasmania" Bass Strait ferry service from Melbourne. Nothing much impresses about the place, but we had a misfortune of being there during Public Holiday when the town was abolutely deserted.
Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania, situated where the South and North Esk Rivers meet to become the Tamar River. Paterson Street from the centre of the town will lead you to some picturesque places. Tamar River cruises depart from the Home Point and they are a must for every visitor. A bit of trivia - Launceston was the first city in the Southern Hemisphere where electricity was used for street lights. It also delivered our only Tasmanian disappointment, so much so, that it deserves a special mentioning - see below the photos.
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"Spirit of Tasmania" in Devonport
"Spirit of Tasmania" in Devonport
A small waterfall - Paterson Street
A former mine trawler for sale for $650,000...
Home Point
Paterson Bridge
The only Tasmanian disappointment - 'Seahorse World' at Beauty Point, 45 km north of Launceston. For $15 entrance fee per head we were rushed through a "first class aquarium", which consisted of five comparatively large tanks (in our personal opinion, our local pet shop in Midland has more impressive display...). Then we were shown plastic tanks that hold hundreds of quite sad-looking sea horses on different stages of growth... One can also buy poor dried buggers as a souvenir on entry or exit. The general mood after this experience was that we've been cheated...
An important qualifier, following an e-mail exchange in August 2004:
Some changes were made on this page. Previously it was written here that there is a possibility that seahorses are grown to be used in an alternative medicine. Unfortunately, it appears to be incorrect and it is known now that seahorses are bred purely for research and development purposes with relationships with both Australian and overseas scientific institutions. Apologies to the 'Seahorse World' for this misunderstanding. What is written above is our personal experience presented here without any malicious intent, and other people may and will have a different opinion. If you are in the vicinity of Launceston, visit the 'Seahorse World' and make up your own mind.
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