Mount Singleton is located 380 km north of Perth on the Great Northern Highway. The best way of getting there from the Eneabba is via Three Springs and Perenjori. Care should be taken on the road between Perenjori and Great Northern Highway, as it is unsealed for about 60 km and on the way you will have to cross the Mongers Lake, which may well be flooded. Please call the Perenjori Tourist Information Centre on +61-8-9973-1105 for advice. You can also visit Perenjori Shire Internet page.
Leave the gates as you found them, have plenty of water and definitely advise someone about your plans - in case you will need assistance. A walk up the mountain is quite long (about 5 km one way) but, as you can see above, you will be rewarded with the stunning views to the east for tens of kilometers away. A warning, though - please allow for at least four hours return trip and preferably have a UHF radio with you. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
That's what I call "rocky soil" (Mount Singleton on the horizon)
Going up...
A view to the east... Lake Moore and beyond
A view to the north-east
As you can see, ants build watchtowers there
Another "watchtower" structure
Near the top
Near the  top
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