Approximately 10 km east of Eneabba on the road to Carnamah there is a turn right to Rose Road that offers great views, easy driving and plenty of kangaroos and emus. First right turn from the Rose Road will lead to the dead-end of the gas pumping station and to a lot of 4WD tracks - majority of them are being lost in the bush eventually. One of these tracks though leads to the top of the Ocean Hill - the view from there is absolutely breathtaking. The ocean more than 30 km away can be easily seen, as well as a huge expanse of Eneabba sand plains.
It is not recommended to anyone who is not familiar with the area to go there, as it is quite desolated and sandy overgrown tracks can be treacherous. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Driving up
One of bush tracks on the Ocean Hill
View from the Ocean Hill to the east
View to the west - Eneabba sand plains
Tallboys on the Ocean Hill
Another bush track
View from Rose Road
View from Rose Road
View from Rose Road
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