The Indian Ocean is not far from Eneabba - just a 25-minute drive on the Eneabba-Leeman (Coolimba) Road. There are two towns on the coast - Leeman and Greenhead, and many beautiful spots in between.
Leeman jetty
There are Australian Sea Lion colonies on Fisherman's Island and Beagle Island and on a particularly lucky day one can see them in water when fishing from the beach. Dolphins and stingrays (and, sometimes, a shark) can also be seen. By the way, the fishing is usually quite good. The best swimming spot is probably the Dynamite Bay in Greenhead - watch out for small jellyfish stingers though.
The chain of salt lakes stretches along the coast. In summer, when they are partially dry, it is possible to take a four-wheel drive right around the lakes. Please seek local assistance if you would like to attempt this journey, wash your vehicle thoroughly afterwards and never drive on lake surface (no matter how good it looks). There are stories about vehicles going through the salt crust in seconds. There are also many tracks going to the coast from the Leeman-Greenhead road - please take care, as majority of them are accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle only. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
View of Leeman
Leeman general store
Fishermens' boats in Leeman
Indian Ocean shore at Leeman
A small island and a fishing boat at Leeman
Flat Rock at the Dynamite Bay, Greenhead
Dynamite Bay, Greenhead
Dynamite Bay, Greenhead
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