27 June 2004
- unknown -
No video is available, only screenshots from news websites and broadcasts.

22 July 2004
AX Music TV
credit for the screenshots: tomo from Connected with Ayu forum and Rika from Ayu Revolution newsgroup

23 July 2004
Music Station

24 July 2004
Count Down TV
credit for the screenshots: ayu alanis from AYUNITE! forum

2 August 2004
Hey! Hey! Hey!

11 August 2004
Sokuhou Uta no Daijiten

a-nation 2004 (TV version - 29 August 2004)

a-nation 2004 (DVD version)

31 December 2004
Count Down TV

COUNTDOWN LIVE 2004-2005 (TV version)

COUNTDOWN LIVE 2004-2005 (DVD version)


COUNT DOWN LIVE 2009-2010 [TV version]

Screencaps from the video clip -->


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