Japan version - front cover
Japan version - CD

Japan version - six CD Box and compilation CDs
6 CD Box  compilation CD compilation CD
The information about Japan version of this CD is available thanks to digiboy from AYUNITE! forum. This album contains melodies of Ayumi Hamasaki songs performed by the Warsaw National Philarmonic Orchestra (Poland) and Janacek Philarmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic) and is available in the 6 CD box (that also contains CDs with melodies of songs by hitomi, Do As Infinity, Every Little Thing, Utada Hikaru, and globe + TRF). A separate CD is very rare, but could be found over a period of time...

Japan (separate issue) front cover
Japan (separate issue) booklet
Overseas ver. front cover
Overseas ver. back cover
6 CD Box
Overseas ver. CD
Overseas ver. detail
Scan of CD and booklet is available thanks to ~K+ from AHS forum.
To buy this album please try the e-bay.

01. Daybreak
02. vogue
03. Far away
04. TO BE
05. Endless sorrow
06. Scar
07. no more words
09. End roll
10. LOVE ~Destiny~
11. Dearest


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