Quaranup / Point Possession Trail - the istmus that connects Point Possession with the Vancouver Peninsula was formed by wave action depositing sand between the island and headland. Additional sand was brought in at a later time to create an articifial peninsula that protects Princess Royal Harbour from storms.
Emu Point (last two photos) is an ideal family beach located approximately 10 km from the city centre. The grassed picnic area is shaded by trees and there is a nice Japanese restaurant just next to the beach. This is a popular spot for swimming with shallow water and enclosed swimming and diving areas.
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A ship in the Frenchman Bay
A ship in the Frenchman Bay, view from Whalers Cove
Fishing at the Whalers Cove
Point Possession Heritage Trail - a good place to pick up shells on the beach
Looking at the whale from the Possession Point, Seal Island on the horizon
Possession Point, view on Vancouver Peninsula and Flinders Peninsula
Mistaken Island and Flinders Peninsula - sunset
Emu Point beach
Pelicans at Emu Point
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