Firts three photos of black swans and a pelican were taken at the Greenough river mouth.
This album also contains photos of birds that are coming to feed in our backyard in Stoneville, in Perth Eastern Hills. Green parrots are rather cheeky and are especially fond of green apples we put for them on a dry branch (last three photos and a short video in the bottom row). Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Pelican and black swans
Black swans
Black swans
Waiting for the food
Feeding time
Get away from my parrot mix!
ducks also a part of the picture...
Green apples...
Green apples...
Green apples...
Video file (35 sec):
Click here to watch the video (1.2 Mb asf file)
If you click on the "next" link below you will see who comes and eats green apples that parrots drop on the ground...
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