All photographs were taken by us in post-mining rehabilitated area and in the bush around Eneabba.
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Low quality photos ('98-'99)
Macropidia fuliginosa
Eucalyptus macrocarpa
Eremaea violacea
A pea, possibly a Jacksonia
A Calytrix, probably Calytrix eneabbensis
Calytrix aurea
A Beaufortia, possibly Beaufortia squarrosa
Caladenia varians (Spider orchid)
Trifolium hirtum - Rose clover
Ptilotus manglesii
Ptilotus manglesii
Alyogyne hakeifolia
Calothamnus quadrifidus
Alyogyne hakeifolia
Xylomelum angustifolium - Woody pear
Grevillea candelabroides
Grevillea candelabroides
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