Walga Rock is a monolith 5 km around the base and 1.5 km long, the second largest in Australia. You can see the largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia, including the misterious rigged sailing ship. If you look closely at the photograph some writing resembling arabic can be seen. The origin of the painting is unknown, one theory says that it has been made by a Dutch sailor shipwrecked on the coast and looked after by aboriginies, another - that it was made by an Afghan camel guide. Walga Rock is located 48 km west of Cue, take a road to Austin Downs Station, drive through the gate marked "Walga Rock". Please, remember you are on the private property! A climb to the top is easy and worth the effort. Do not forget to take back with you all rubbish, keep the place clean!
Please visit the Cue Tourism Centre (located in Robinson Street) and get all the necessary maps and instructions before going there. You can also call them beforehand on +61-8-9963-1216. Leave the gates as you found them, have plenty of water and advise someone about your plans - in case you're also planning to go walkabout in the area. Four-wheel drive vehicle is not required to get to the Rock but may be needed elsewhere. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
View from the road
View from the road
View from the top
View from the top - pink areas are the flower fields (the ones as on the photo on the right)
On the top - pink areas are the flowers (the ones as on the photo on the right)
The flower close-up
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