Dongara is located 80 km north of Eneabba (360 km north of Perth) and it is a very popular holiday destination. The stop in Dongara - Port Denison is a must for travellers on the Brand Highway - for a cup of coffee and/or a dip in the ocean.
Main street of Dongara, Moreton Terrace, is lined with giant Moreton Bay Fig Trees that were planted in 1906 by the Irwin Road Board at a cost of 12 shillings and 4 pence ($1.63). The trees are National Trust classified and form a shady canopy over the Terrace. Old mill still stands on the Brand Highway and, despite the fact that it is not operational for a long time now, is still attracting several dozen pigeons. For more information please visit Irwin Shire Internet page. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Old Mill on Brand Highway
Entry into Moreton Terrace from Brand Highway
Dongara Priory Lodge
Moreton Terrace
Moreton Terrace
Moreton Terrace tree size
Southerlys restaurant
Point Leander Drive
giant crayfish at the town's entrance
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