Stockyard Gully Caves were created by an underground river system. Two of them are easily accessible - for instance Stockyard Gully Cave (Stockyard Tunnel) is 300 m long and requires no gear except for the torch; Stockyard Cave is 800 m long, but slime and mud often coats most of the boulders, making them extremely slippery (this one is not open to the public). Aiyennu Cave can boast a sheer drop of 40 meters and is not open to the public either. Unfortunately, none of these places are well developed for tourism; they can be accessed by four-wheel drive vehicle only. However, the access track from the south and car park have been recently graded (a four-wheel drive vehicle is still required though). There are now information bay with maps and toilets at the carpark and walking trail has been sign posted. Please visit the website of Speleological Society for more information. Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Stockyard Gully Cave - outside the upstream entrance
To get there: take Eneabba (Coolimba) Road from Eneabba to Leeman (turn off Brand Highway just south of Eneabba). 4.6 km after Lake Indoon near the top of the ridge (in approximately 15 km) on your left there will be signs "Pearson Track" and, afterwards, "Stockyard Gully Reserve". Another 6.5 km of rough track will take you right to the caves pictured here. Keep in mind that this is a beekeeping area, people allergic to bees should take some caution.
The caves can also be accessed from the south - the description is here Please click for the description of an alternative access route.
Please also read notes on Cave Safety: Please click to see the safety note
Stockyard Gully Cave - downstream entrance
Stockyard Gully Cave - downstream entrance
Stockyard Gully Cave - downstream entrance
Stockyard Gully Cave - upstream entrance
Stockyard Gully Cave - a beehive near the upstream entrance
Stockyard Cave entrance
A sign outside the Stockyard Cave entrance
Stockyard Cave entrance
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