Carnamah (290 km north of Perth, 70 km east of Eneabba) is the administrative centre of the Shire in which Eneabba is located. The area was first settled in 1880's and War Service Farming Scheme in 1920's and 1950's encoraged development of the area. Sheep, wool and wheat farming are the main agricultural enterprises. The Yarra Yarra Lakes are well worth a visit. This salt lakes system is renowned for its unusual coloured waters. The colour of the lake is changing - from pink in summer to deep blue in winter, after the rains. A sunset on the summer pink-red lake could not possibly be described or captured on camera - one has to see it him/herself...
The most interesting Internet site (at least to me) that I've seen for some time: Carnamah Historical Society.
Please do visit this site, I spent more than an hour reading it and looking at the photos.
For additional information please call Carnamah Shire Council on +61-8-9951-7000. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Lookout on Yarra Yarra Lake, just west of Carnamah
Shire Office
Grain growing is the corner stone of the Shire
Carnamah-Coorow Road (Midlands Way), 15 km south of Carnamah
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