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Answers to six most frequently asked questions:
Could you please upload the video/music file, mpg, avi, mp3...?
NO - it is illegal
Maybe you can then burn something for me on the CD? I'll pay, if needed.
NO, please buy official CD, VCD &DVD

Can I use some stuff from here on my Internet site?

Probably YES - please ask
I have a question in regards to radiation exposure. Can you help me?
Possible - please ask
Can I put a link to your site on mine?
YES - please pick up a button HERE

Remember: if you want to use anything from this site elsewhere - ask for the permission. An MSN group that had to shut down 24 hours after it has been discovered serves as an example.
The form that used to be here has become a continuous problem requiring attention every month or so...

Please send us an e-mail on this address - I'll check it every 2-3 days.

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